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Earth day activities for parents and children: Learning Spanish together

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 Earth Day is a wonderful time to learn about our planet and how we can protect it. If you're raising bilingual children but don't speak Spanish fluently, don't worry! Here's a guide for celebrating Earth Day with your kids while learning Spanish together. You don't need to be an expert to make this day fun and educational.

Simple activities for Earth Day

1. Nature Walk with Vocabulary

Plan a nature walk in a local park or nature reserve. Before you go, make a list of simple Spanish words related to nature, like "árbol" (tree), "flor" (flower), "pájaro" (bird), and "agua" (water). As you walk, point out these items to your children and practice saying the words in Spanish together.

2. Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Create a simple scavenger hunt with bilingual clues. Write a list of items to find in both English and Spanish. For example:

  • Find a "leaf" (hoja)
  • Find a "rock" (roca)
  • Find a "stick" (palo)

As your kids find each item, encourage them to say the word in Spanish. This activity is great for reinforcing vocabulary and making Earth Day exciting.

3. Bilingual Earth Day Songs

Singing together can reinforce language skills and spark fun conversations about caring for the planet. 




4. Lastly, we would like to share our Free Activity booklet -Cuida tu Planeta -

Find more Spanish learning activities and opportunities for families raising bilingual children where Spanish is your target language.


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