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Hola. I'm Milena Jurasz-Cruz 
Director and Franchisor of El Recreo Spanish
Milena Jurasz Cruz - El Recreo Spanish owner and franchisor

This is our Story

Welcome to El Recreo Spanish, where language blossoms into community. This is the story behind our vibrant hub of linguistic exploration and cultural celebration.

Growing up in the rich tapestry of Colombia, I was immersed in a world where language was more than just words, later on as I became a mom to three children, I sought to instill in them the gift of bilingualism. 

Driven by my belief in the power of language and community, I embarked on a mission. Thus, El Recreo Spanish was born - a haven for families seeking to embrace bilingualism while fostering a sense of togetherness within a nurturing environment.

Our vision for El Recreo Spanish goes beyond language instruction. It's about building connections, fostering understanding, and celebrating diversity. We offer classes tailored to accommodate everyone, from babies, toddlers, teenagers to adults, ensuring that each person feels empowered and engaged in their language learning journey.

One of our proudest offerings is the franchise opportunity. It's a chance for passionate individuals to join our mission, spread the love of multilingualism, and create their own thriving community hub under the El Recreo Spanish umbrella. Start your own children's Spanish learning business.

Thank you for being a part of our story.


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