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The GCSE Spanish classes for children in Key Stages 3 (KS3) and Key Stage 4 (KS4) are designed to build a strong foundation in the Spanish language, preparing students for their GCSE exams and beyond. These classes focus on developing comprehensive language skills, cultural understanding, and exam readiness.

Here are the key characteristics:

  • Listening skills boost, special sessions dedicated to enhancing listening skills through exposure to a variety of Spanish accents and dialects, as well as different speeds of speech. This prepares students for the listening comprehension section of the exam.
  • Speaking fluency circles,¬†regular speaking practice in small groups or pairs to improve fluency, pronunciation, and the ability to think and respond in Spanish spontaneously, which is crucial for the oral examination.
  • Writing workshops, emphasis is placed on accuracy, variety of vocabulary, and grammatical structures.
  • Reading comprehension strategies,¬†¬†strategies for tackling reading comprehension tasks.
  • Cultural enrichment activities,¬†¬†incorporating cultural enrichment activities that deepen students' understanding and appreciation of the Spanish-speaking world, making the language come alive and enhancing their motivation to learn.

KS3 Spanish with a focus on GCSE aspects


The purpose of this programme is to provide students with a range of skills including the general aspects of the language including grammatical aspects and the relationship between spelling and sounds. This will be taught through listening, reading, speaking and writing interventions.

The programme build up and will cover some aspects of the GCSE programme that will come later on in the years of secondary.

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KS4 - GCSE Spanish Program 


This is an intensive programme aim to prepare students to sit their GCSE exams. The aim is to enable students of all abilities to develop their Spanish language skills with confidence.

Students will study three main themes including:

Theme 1: Identity and culture.
Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest.
Theme 3: Current and future study and employment.

The grammar requirements for GCSE:
Students will be expected to have acquired knowledge and understanding of Spanish grammar during their course. In the exam they will be required to apply their knowledge and understanding, knowledge is required.

Students will be expected to develop and use their knowledge and understanding of this grammar progressively throughout the course.

*Please note although this class is for children 15-16 years, there might be exemptions when children from 12 years (intermediate/advanced) can join and this can be discuss with the teacher on the first day when she will be able to asses your child and advise accordingly.

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Online GCSE Spanish Revision Bootcamp


Join El Recreo GCSE Spanish revision bootcamp. A week to help you enhance your Spanish language skills and to provide you with key tools to build up your confidence on how to tackle the GCSE Spanish exam in different contexts, so that you can achieve the best results in your exams. The GCSE week (4 days) During the El Recreo GCSE Spanish revision bootcamp week students will have an opportunity to daily take part in a range of activities from tutor led to students led activities ensuring the covering of all specific subject areas of the assessment.


The week will also encompass exam paper practice, areas of the assessment where students need more practice and support and the general areas in the four skills as follow:

Day 1 ‚Äď Listening exam success and understanding of the Spanish spoken language.

Day 2 ‚Äď Speaking exam success, understanding the role plays, photo card and the general conversation. Practice, practice practice!

Day 3 ‚Äď Reading exam success and understanding written Spanish, spotting key vocabulary and understand how to tackle challenging questions.

Day 4 ‚Äď Writing in Spanish, how to strategically plan your answers and identify the bullet points that target past/present/future time frames.

The GCSE Spanish tutors are highly experienced with an in-depth knowledge of the exam specification, very enthusiastic, passionate about the subject, kind and empathy.

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Interactive Spanish Learning Opportunities 

Spanish Holiday Camps

Fun activities for the school holidays


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Fun family events, Spanish speaking celebrations and festivals


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Spanish Learning Resources

Fun printable interactive activities for home learning. Resources for all ages

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Fun Spanish summer activities for kids: Keep learning alive!

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Enjoy the journey of learning Spanish language and culture with our FREE Spanish resources, exclusively crafted for young learners. Engaging & interactive, build a strong foundation and family-friendly Fun.