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Raising bilingual Children - Parent & Child Edition - El Recreo Spanish


Embark on the Journey of Bilingualism! 🌍

Are you ready to unlock the world of bilingualism for your child? Join us and embark on an exciting journey of language discovery together. Including Series Lessons with resources for parents + engaging lessons for kids

⭐️ Begin your learning journey with options tailored to fit your family's schedule.

Cultivate Cognitive Benefits: Immerse your child in a program designed to enhance cognitive abilities, fostering better problem-solving skills and creativity.

Develop Confident Communication skills: Watch as your child gains fluency and confidence in Spanish, opening doors to broader communication and understanding.

Interactive Learning Experience: Enjoy engaging activities and resources tailored to parents to learn alongside their children, making the learning process fun and memorable.

What you'll get: 

⭐️ Understanding bilingualism 

⭐️ Introducing Spanish at home

⭐️ Learning videos

⭐️ Printable activities and games 

⭐️ Flash cards and visual learning resources

⭐️ Videos and audios to immerse your child in the experience of learning.

⭐️ Curated interactive learning songs and more!


What People Are Saying:

Amazing programme for children to learn Spanish through a pedagogic and didactic system, including music, and learning about other cultures South America and Spanish speaking countries. The staff is very charismatic, they alway bring smiles and fun to the children! My Daughter loves her clases and has improved a lot!

Juanita C.

We have taken our kids to El Recreo for a couple of years now and we loved the sessions, we are raising our children bilingual so this is exactly what we were looking for. The sense of community is something we have valued the most as we have met wonderful families there with similar interests to ours. The teachers are very professional and fun and the activities are creative and interactive. Highly recommended!

Sandra F.

My children absolutely love el recreo spanish highly recommend we have been with el recreo for 5 years now and el recreo spanish have made learning spanish a fun great process. My girls have made new friends & has really progressed their Spanish.

Clodagh D.

My daughter absolutely loves going to class, the teachers have always made my husband and her feel welcomed and included. We're so happy that we have the chance for her to learn her father's native language in such a fun and stimulating environment.

Michelle M.

We love El Recreo! A great way to get my kids to learn Spanish in a fun way. The teaches are very professional and creative. Classes are full of great activities, singing, dancing and the sense of community is something we really appreciate. Highly recommend!

Jessica M.

El Recreo is run by fantastic, loving and fun native Spanish speaking teachers. We have been going now for 2 years and my daughter absolutely loves it, has made new friends, and is improving her Spanish. 100% recommended