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Why learning Spanish online with El Recreo Spanish? Spanish online course

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Learning online has become very useful and popular these days, here we created a list of benefits and why learning with us is so much fun!

Flexibility, you can take classes from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Children and adults can join the class at the comfort of their home at their suitable time.

Experienced Spanish native teachers, that will help you learn Spanish language and culture with engaging fun and interactive activities.

Interactive learning, We are very happy to be able to provide interactive lessons with great resources that children can have access each term to reinforce the learning. Interact with students around the world.

Cost-effective, Online Spanish classes can be more affordable than in-person classes, as you don't need to spend money on transportation or time.

Improving your language skills, Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the world, so learning it can open up new opportunities for travel, work, and personal growth. 

Dedicated age-group and language ability, offering specific classes for each child gives more opportunities to learn in the best environment and challenging activities.Classes for beginners or children with Spanish background (where mum, dad, nanny or any other career speaks Spanish at home) there is a class for everyone.

Classes for GCSE and A-levels and adults, meet your Spanish language goals and objectives with our classes that provide you with key tools to build up your confidence on how to tackle the GCSE Spanish exam in different contexts, so that you can achieve the best results in your exams or learn language from scratch. 

Private classes, if our group classes times don't suit your needs there is always our tailored Spanish online private classes where teachers are able to meet your needs in a deeper level.

Find out more about El Recreo Spanish online classes for children 4 -11 yrs, GCSE Spanish for children 12-16 yrs and adults. For more information and Frequently Asked Questions about Spanish online course for children, teens and adults please visit


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